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Our software provides User-defined, Ad-hoc Query and Data Selection components for use in Visual FoxPro applications.

UserQ and SEB provide you with fast and flexible callable functions, giving your users the ability to quickly select records for display and reporting purposes, within your applications!

What's New

Our latest product, SQL Expression Builder, can give your users the ability to quickly select the data they want to see, simply by clicking on existing data fields in your forms.

Check out the Demo video to see an example of how SEB can be used to enhance your applications.

Customer Comments 

Below are some comments from our customers.  We welcome yours.


Gary French, Alabama
"Our custom FoxPro District Attorney software is installed in 43 separate office locations within Alabama. Our greatest customer need was for custom queries and reports. We created over 50 standard FoxPro reports before discovering USERQ. USERQ gave our customers what they wanted in terms of AD HOC custom querying and report writing. Taking a few minutes to show each customer how to use USERQ saved us weeks of work. Now we have also started using the new SQL Builder (SEB) , which allows custom queries at the click of a mouse on any user input or list form. USERQ and SEB are must have products for any developer!"


Terry Bottorff, UniversalThread
"This application [UserQ], allows you to create Queries on the fly with a very easy to use "user interface". It allows you to create reports, export the results to many formats, view data on the screen or use previously created reports. The query can either be discarded or stored for use later. It is extremely easy to use stand alone or in a program. It also comes with a very powerful utility called "PopBrow" which is like having the Browse Routine on Steroids."

Technical Support

Technical support is offered through email.  If you need phone support, just let us know.


Our Products

bulletUserQ - Ad-hoc Query and Reporting
- $138 Enterprise License
bulletSQL Expression Builder
- $78 Enterprise License
bulletBundled Software

Top Downloads

bulletUserQ - Demo Video
bulletUserQ - Evaluation Trial
bulletSQL Expression Builder - Evaluation Trial
bulletSQL Expression Builder - Demo Video
bulletmore . . .


To see UserQ and Expression Builder in action, take a look at our Vacation Rental Property Software:


To see UserQ and Expression Builder in action, take a look at our Vacation Rental Property Management Software:

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